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Designed especially for mortgage pros and real estate agents.

You receive charts, ranging from your local area and state all the way up to the “big” national picture. Calculators, videos, flyers, unique web pages, PowerPoint presentations and most of this is customizable with your photo, logo & professional associations as well as your contact information.

2011 Charts now shipping!


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Home Economics Charts

2011 Home Economics Chart Wall Chart

The original home economics chart is the essential, visual guide to the housing market and all the factors that support and drive it.

This educational and inspirational tool graphically depicts year by year appreciation, rate of return, interest rates, inflation, unemployment and a comprehensive collection of demographic info that decodes the “why” behind market movements. From a national level down to individual states, everyone from the casually interested to the analytical will find great benefit in this unique depiction of the market. These posters are full-color and measure 24" x 36"

Education is the goal yet distributing these to your referral partners with your contact info in place buys you exposure in their offices all year long at an amazingly low cost.

As a subscriber - receive 5 Wall Charts each year upon release in April.

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Personalized State Charts

2011 Home Economics State Charts

Your State, Your Photo, Your Branding

Once you’ve shared the big picture view and education made easy by the Wall or Desk Charts, you can narrow down the view to your own state. Here, the focus is boiled down to price trends and projections along with your statewide demographic info such as population and income trends.

For Subscribers- your state, arriving in your inbox every year as a personalized PDF

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Custom Local Area Charts

Custom MSA Charts

Demonstrate what's happening in your area

Bringing it down still another notch, zeroing in on the local metropolitan statistical area brings ever more clarity as it relates to your client’s targets. These are very clarifying and can show that what’s happening on a broader scale does not necessarily hold true everywhere and most importantly, where it matters to them. Personalized with your photo, your info and your branding.

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“Extremely well done and very impressive.”
David Marinoff, GuardHill Financial
Calculators and Tools

Introducing MyCalx, A personalized suite of online calculators and much more

This is not like any other collection of mortgage and real estate calculators that you have seen. Save time, look good, help your agents sell more houses by providing insight and answers, quickly, easily and at anytime of day or night!

What you and your clients need to know, whenever you need to know it!

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“OK,  you are officially awesome! This tool is amazing!”
Holly Gustin
Video Player

Your Own Custom Branded Online Video Player

Supplementing the power of the charts and other tools, your video player comes packed with hours of ready made videos and you can also upload your own to use and (optionally) share with the rest of the EOM Community. The player allows you to quickly and easily send your videos out to your customers and referral partners. And best of all, the player is branded with your personalized contact info so everyone knows the source of  this enlightenment.

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Custom Flyers

Personalized Flyers All Year Long

With your subscription comes a continuous stream of customized flyers about timely topics concerning our industry and the housing market. These flyers, provide value added learning opportunities for your clients and referral partners.

Exclusive for Subscribers only. Delivered to you throughout the year in both PDF and HTML format for easy email or printing.
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“The new flyer is a work of art! No hype, no exclamation points, no selling. If someone wants to be perceived as a trusted adviser, it is tools like yours that will get them there.”
Kevin Wallace
PowerPoint Demos

PowerPoint Demonstrations for Your Clients and Partners

Why spend your time creating a great presentation from scratch?

Our demos are full of the same great info from our charts and videos and all you have to do is drop in your name and logo and they’re ready to present. Office meetings, buyer seminars, etc., these and the home economics charts together make for a package that’ll have you being the go to resource in your market.

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"What you have provided to me has made me into a semi celebrity within the local real estate community and a bit beyond”
Bob Rutledge
Open House Flyers and Websites

The NEW quick & easy way to generate not only open house flyers but a web site too!


  • Bring true value to your agents or partners
  • Expand your web presence
  • Link from your site, blog, SM or email
  • Agents can now easily screen prospects
  • Viewers can make easy “what if” calculations
  • Great for working with listing agents
  • A slam dunk FSBO Marketing Tool

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